Breast Augmentation Clinic In San Diego For Better Bustline


Myths and facts hog breast augmentation procedures in San Diego. Generalized information on breast implant techniques can cause more fear than confidence. It is important to analyze facts and put aside myths to come to a conclusion on which breast augmentation procedure is right for you. The breast augmentation San Diego procedure can be completed in just about an hour and a half depending on the techniques used, the experience of the surgeon and anatomy of the patient. The surgery is performed after administering sedation to the patient using deep IV sedation or special endotracheal tube. General sedation is the most trusted method where the patient is unaware of the procedure.

Myths about above or below the muscle implants
A major confusion on whether placing the breast implants above the muscle or below the muscle is advantageous has to be decided by the surgeon. Implants are placed above or below the pectoralis muscle, and only two third of the muscle is covered. By placing the implant on the top, a lift for the nipples can be given. In this case, the pain is less as muscles are not damaged during implant. On the contrary implants placed below can give a natural curve to the breast. The risk of rippling is reduced as the muscle adds compression. Moreover, the implant is protected as the risk of contracture is reduced. Implants are placed under the muscles as it provided the most desired results.

Breast reconstruction and breast augmentation
There is the difference between breast reconstruction and breast augmentation. In the former expander implant is fixed under the muscles giving complete muscle coverage as the expander has devoid of saline water. In this case, the muscles get tight over the expander and any inflation would rip the muscles. After a week’s time patient returns where the saline water is placed into the expander that stretches the muscles creating a new breast. This is a permanent implant technique that is covered by muscle. This is a complex case of breast augmentation.

Complete muscle coverage is a myth
Another myth about breast implants is incisions creating muscle pockets. The implant is slid into the muscle pockets after an incision is made. If this is true, then periareolar incision should be the most recommended giving direct access to the pocket with no incision needed at the base. Another myth broken is the false notion that complete coverage of muscles prevents bottoming out. In breast augmentation, new breast crease is created which means the area is damaged due to the incision. Local muscle flaps and fascia flaps are reconstructed only in breast reconstruction and not in augmentation process. Therefore bottoming out is natural as the components do not support the weight of the implants. Women with low breast tissues and think skin are subjective to this problem.

Implant Styles
There are two implants commonly used called the Allergan and Mentor, both are reliable. Mentor implants are thinner, and Allergan is a saline implant. While Mentor provides a more natural look, Allergan gives a wider base. Both are designed to perfection, and only an individual’s anatomy can decided the success of the implant.