How To Watch Television Programs Without License?


If you want to watch television programs on your television set, then you need to obtain appropriate TV license. You can call the tv licencing contact number to know how to pay and get the TV licensing. Apart from the UK, many countries require its citizens to obtain TV license for watching TV programs. However, in some countries, the license is not required for watching television via internet streaming. If you do not know instances when you need to obtain television, then you can read this article. If you are interested to know some interesting statistics about television viewers, then you can just check this website

Residents of the UK require a TV license, whether they want to watch Live TV program or recording. The license is also required, if you are watching programs through equipment like tablet and laptop. A single license covers a single household only. You cannot use a single license for watching television programs at multiple premises. If you watch the television programs without a license, then be prepared to pay a hefty fine to the government. In recent years, the government has taken stringent steps to identify and fine the violators. If you are living in a shared property, then license may not be required for every member.

There are some instances, when the license cost may be low or free. People with age above 75 can get obtain a TV license for free. People with severe visible impairment can get a TV license at half the cost. You need to pay for a license, if you are not watching or recording live TV program. However, this does not apply to BBC iPlayer. The license is not required for using catch-up services like Apple TV, BT vision, ITV player, etc. You also do not need to pay the license, if you are watching television programs on the website like YouTube. Similarly, you may find other tricks to enjoy television shows without paying for the license.